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Private Reserve

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Private Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

November 2017 -  So amazing... my knees buckled!  Wow... I was sampling directly from the press and expected this to be consistent with the flavors of our Early Harvest Arbequina... but it was SO MUCH RICHER AND BUTTERY.  I asked for 10 gallons on the spot, but I only received 4... so this is a very limited edition from a NEW grove in Capay, one that has never been milled before.  I was fortunate to get the small amount I did.  100% young Arbequina.

The production of extra virgin olive oil starts with particular care-taking of the olive orchards.  The olive harvest begins in October, when the olives are still green, up until the end of December when the olives reach their ripeness and are black in color.  This extra virgin olive oil remains cold extracted and unfiltered to preserve its raw qualities.  This particular vintage has never been stored - it came right from the mill to the bottle!   

Harvest Info

This California EVOO was harvested in November 2017 in Capay, Ca.

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