Persian Lime Co-Pressed Olive Oil

Persian Lime Co-Pressed Olive Oil

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Persian Lime Co-Pressed Olive Oil

Plump, ripe limes are pressed together with fresh-harvested olives to create a delectable oil that perfectly balances lime’s tangy tartness with rich olive flavors. Use it to enhance herb-crusted fish, and grilled or roasted chicken, and to jazz up salsa and guacamole.

e love to use this flavor with Caribbean dishes like tequila lime chicken or Mediterranean plates like lime roasted lamb or mint couscous salad.

Pairs great with our Coconut White Balsamic - margarita salad here we come! 

Harvest Info

This California EVOO was harvested in November 2017 in Modesto, CA

Certified California Grown, Certified non-GMO, Certified Kosher

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