Organic Olio Nuevo 2018

Organic Olio Nuevo 2018

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Olio Nuevo 

This misty light green colored oil is silky smooth in the mouth and complex, with flavors of ripe pear, fresh green olives and a delicate nuttiness. This fresh oil is similar to freshly squeezed orange juice full of pulp versus what you’d buy at the grocery store

This oil is thick and cloudy because it is straight from the olive mill, and it has not had time to settle in tanks.

This is a single source varietal - Organic Taggiasca.

Taggiasca has a strong floral up front, medium bitterness, and strong pungency (i.e. pepperiness on the throat).  This Taggiasca is well balanced, and isn’t overly hot.

The production of extra virgin olive oil starts with particular care-taking of the olive orchards.  The olive harvest begins in October, when the olives are still green, up until the end of December when the olives reach their ripeness and are black in color. The olives are hand harvested to avoid bruising and other damage caused by mechanical harvesters. This extra virgin olive oil remains cold extracted and unfiltered to preserve its raw qualities and stored in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks until bottling.

Harvest Info

This California EVOO was harvested in December, 2018 in San Joaquin Valley, CA.

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