The Everything Gift Box

The Everything Gift Box

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Cheese Boxes –

A Party in a Box! Unpack this for an office party, a picnic or a shower!   A great way to say “Thank you”, “Congratulations” or “I wish I was there!”

(Items in photos may change depending on availability)


1 -750 ml Fig Balsamic

1 -750 ml Traditional Balsamic


2 boxes crackers

Fresh bread

Nuts, fruit

Double Trouble Olives (jalapeno and garlic stuffed)

2 Tapenade Spreads

1 round  Humboldt Fog

1 wedge Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar,

2 wedges Cheese Monger’s Selection (gouda, cheddar, blue or goat)

1 Angels Duck Salami

Serves  approx. 18 - $270

-With - Additional Humboldt Fog and crackers (serves 26) $310

-With - Additional Truffle Tremor Cheese and crackers  (serves approx. 27) $315

-With - Additional wedge Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar and crackers  (serves approx. 22) $295

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