Grilled Asparagus with Lemon Olive Oil, Pecorino and Proscuitto

(Serves 4)

One of the simplest and best ways to cook asparagus is to give it a light coating of olive oil and grill it. You can also do this on the stovetop in a ridged grill pan. Grilling brings out the sweetness and I prefer it to steaming or boiling which seems to bring out more of the “vegetal” notes.



Brush the asparagus with the olive oil and season generously with salt and pepper. Over hot coals or a gas grill preheated to medium high grill the asparagus till it takes on a bit of color. Roll and turn so that it’s marked on all sides but still green and crisp. Place on a plate and drizzle with lemon olive oil. Scatter cheese over, arrange prosciutto attractively on top and sprinkle capers around. Serve lemon wedges on the side. Add more salt and pepper if desired.

Provided by Chef John Ash © 2010
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