Cheese Gifts - Boxes, Parties in a Box, Towers

Cheese Gifts - Boxes, Parties in a Box, Towers

from 89.00

A Cheese Box is the Perfect gift to ship to a BFF or surprise an office with.

Quarterly shipments center around themes - CA Cheeses, Italian Producers, Summer Cheeses, and more. Tantalize the senses. Unique cheese and charcuterie make for an impressive gift. Duck Proscioutto, Speck, Marona Almonds, the creamiest blue cheese…

We promise they will be beautiful and delicious.

  • Delivery begins at $30 in. Full shipping rates apply on cheese boxes.

  • LOVEEVOO shipping discount does not apply to items that need coolpacks.

  • We will identify the cheeses for you.

  • We ship within US - overnight rates apply.

  • If this is a gift, please tell us in notes what to write and what the occasion is.

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