In the beginning... 

Upon arriving in California from the Midwest, newlyweds Chip and Crystal fell in love with all the great state has to offer – beaches,  mountains, deserts, valleys.  Their passion for olive oil started in the quaint town of Paso Robles.   A serendipitous tasting of an estate artisan olive oil changed the course of their lives. 

·       This olive oil was like nothing they had ever tasted before.  It was Liquid Gold!  Sharing their new passion with family and friends, they surrounded themselves with experts in the industry to further their education on the rich history of olives and olive oil. They visited numerous California producers to immerse themselves in the various techniques for harvesting and producing extra virgin olive oil.

·      It became apparent that most consumers didn’t have the opportunity to experience a premium quality extra virgin olive oil or were they aware of the tremendous health benefits.  By sharing this knowledge and product, a consumer trust and loyalty has developed that continues today with the new owners at The Bea’s Knees. 

·       We continue to increase our knowledge of extra virgin olive oil and current industry trends by attending olive oil conferences and events.

·       Today, we integrate this well-rounded knowledge into a first-class shopping experience by providing an interactive, relaxed and informative atmosphere for the novice who seeks delicious, healthy food and the epicurean who seeks to enhance their cooking experience.  The mission of Beyond the Olive is to provide our customers with the knowledge to accurately assess the quality of extra virgin olive oil and provide them with access to the greatest extra virgin olive oil that California has to offer. We accomplish this by providing education on the production, varieties and attributes of extra virgin olive oils and allowing consumers to taste the subtleties in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

·       All of us at the Bea’s Knees – Lisa, Courtney, Jennifer, Matthew, Sidney – want to bring you the best epicurean experience you can have: one you can take home to use in your own kitchen.  Come in and sample our products.  You’ll be glad you did!